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Welcome to Steadfast Digital

We are a boutique agency dedicated to serving the digital marketing needs of emerging brands.  We have worked with Fortune 500 brands, newly formed start-ups and high growth companies.  In all instances, we have helped them grow their digital footprint.

Most of our clients are e-commerce companies that need our analytical approach and years of experience in the various marketing channels to help them improve their conversion rates.

Areas Of Focus

Search Engine Marketing

(Google Adwords & Bing Ads): SEM and Remarketing designed to maximize ROI.

Paid Social

(Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn): Reach the right audience at the right time in the right place.

Paid Content

(Taboola & Outbrain): Amplify your content to drive awareness.

Digital Strategy and Insights

See how all it ties together for optimal performance for your media mix.

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Our Value & Commitment

  • Risk free partnership with 2 day out-clause
  • You keep all accounts, data and reports

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How a Startup Should Startup Digital Marketing

Advising startups and small businesses on how to manage and create a comprehensive digital marketing program can be a challenge. I often give advice no start-up wants to hear; It must be holistic, there’s no magic bullet, and don’t start with paid advertising right away. I’m usually met with some resistance, but I will outline my reasoning…

Master Content Before Paid Media Ads

Paid Media (Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Outbrain, Instagram Ads, etc.) has massive benefits to bringing relevant audiences to your website. However, before embarking on spending your hard earned money on Paid Media, I always suggest starting your digital marketing program with tons of relevant content. The best investment a small business can make…

Is Google AdWords Worth It For Small Business?

I compare Google AdWords to fire. Used correctly, fire can be extremely useful. It can cook your food and keep you warm. Used incorrectly and it can burn your house down. After auditing hundreds of Google AdWords accounts, I continually see the common mistake of using broad campaign targeting and keywords. The problem with broad…

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