Conventional (and unconventional) ways to re-activate a disabled Meta Ad Account

With enough experience, eventually, you’ll be plagued with the ever-present risk of a disabled Meta (formerly Facebook) ad account. Even if you’re doing everything by the book, the reasons are usually unknown and responses from support are vague. It’s a shoot first, ask questions later process.

With employee layoffs and increased investments in AI, the bots have taken over and will flag your ads or landing pages over content that might have violated its policies.

Unfortunately, you likely won’t get a resolution until a human gets involved; however, below are actions you can take:

1. Investigate: Go to Business Support Home and gather as much information on why your ad account was disabled. It could be ad violation, payment issue, request for ID, etc. If there is an appeal button, smash it!

2. Engage Support: Contact support and ask for a re-review. This is where the waiting game begins…

3. Leverage Contacts: Contact your Meta rep (if you have one) and try to escalate the situation. If you have a rep but for another advertiser, try to get them involved to see if they can help.

4. Manage Cases (Medium Risk): Open and close cases. Close the current support case and open a new one. This does come with risk as you can go back in queue to prolong your process, but I’ve seen it work.

5. Start Fresh (High Risk): Create a new ad account – This is when you’re about to give up and try a Hail Mary. Meta will hate you for trying this and possibly flag your personal account for even trying. Beggars can’t be choosers.

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