6 Ways Digital Marketers Are Embracing AI

Embracing AI in digital marketing is no longer an option; it’s a necessity. How to start:

1. Craft Written Content: This one is easy. Marketers can utilize ChatGPT or Bard to assist with content for blogs, social media, and ad copy; HOWEVER, use AI as a guide and not copy/paste. With the flood of AI content, finding your voice is the only way to stand out. Side note: A/B test ChatGPT and Bard to see which provides the better response.

2. Enhance Creative Content: Need eye-catching visuals for your blog or posts? Try Dall-E or Midjourney. Provide a prompt like: create an image related to AI tools and marketing (as I did for this post).

3. Competitor Insights: Prompt AI with a competitor’s URL to discover which blog posts or social media content resonates with their audience. While avoiding direct copying, this can spark ideas for your future content.

4. Audience Targeting: Leverage AI to identify target audiences for platforms like Meta Ads or YouTube. Ex. luxury brands may find synergy with companies selling high-end health supplements. Have AI find you ten more.

5. Keyword Research: Whether for SEO or SEM, have ChatGPT or Bard compile a list of keywords to target for Google PPC or SEO content. Ex. Provide keyword ideas for a technology blog covering emerging trends in AI (include the blog’s URL for higher relevance).

6. Optimize Landing Pages: Have your AI tool suggest how to improve a landing page for more conversions (sales). Ex. Review XYX.com and suggest how I can increase sales and conversion rates.

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